Be Smart When Applying for a US Tourist Visa!

  Now and then, I have doubtful and slow to decide applicants who refuse help and are undecided if investing in the US VISA COACH Master Package is a good idea.  Only for them to come to me relating their stories that they have just been denied.  I do not […] Read more »

“I am very satisfied with my purchase!”

Amie, thank you for giving me a feedback just minutes after your purchase.  Many have done the same and are more grateful when they received their US Tourist Visas after using the US VISA COACH Master Package. Read more »

Congratulations to Ms. Mimi Acupan!

  Got word today from Ms. Mimi Acupan that she got approved for a US Tourist Visa!  Thank you for using the US VISA COACH Master Package Ms. Mimi!  We will hear from her soon! Continuing the year strong!  No denials so far!   Read more »