How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa!

  I want to answer a very very common question which I always get in my email and private messenger: How do I apply for a US Tourist Visa? The process of applying a US Tourist Visa is quite simple: Have a valid passport Fill up a DS160 application form […] Read more »

How to Go Aggressive in Getting a US Tourist Visa Granted!

In Business As in Life, You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate…  Dr. Chester Karass I have been bragging lately that so far in 2017, I do not have any clients receiving denials.  All have received US Tourist Visa grants with 10 year multiple entry validity.  […] Read more »

Be Smart When Applying for a US Tourist Visa!

  Now and then, I have doubtful and slow to decide applicants who refuse help and are undecided if investing in the US VISA COACH Master Package is a good idea.  Only for them to come to me relating their stories that they have just been denied.  I do not […] Read more »

The Secret to Getting a US Tourist Visa Granted

In more than a decade of advising clients get a US Tourist Visa, I always get the question:  What is the secret to getting a US Tourist Visa granted?  The answer is simple.  The applicant MUST know everything that can happen.  In anticipating all the possibilities, the applicant will be […] Read more »

“I am very satisfied with my purchase!”

Amie, thank you for giving me a feedback just minutes after your purchase.  Many have done the same and are more grateful when they received their US Tourist Visas after using the US VISA COACH Master Package. Read more »

WIN the US VISA COACH Master Package!

It is time to give back and share some time for others.  Here is the deal.  Go to this Facebook link : LIKE the US VISA COACH Page, COMMENT on Why you’d like to see the US, and SHARE.  Winners will be announced end of April 2017.   Read more »

Trump has not suspended the Visa Waiver Program

Some countries have previously enjoyed the exemption of a visa interview.  With the Trump presidency, some countries which were waived before are now required to have an interview prior to an approval. These announcement however does not affect countries who are required to have an interview for US Tourist Visas.  […] Read more »

Who is Afraid of President Trump?

  President Trump, in fulfilling his promise to protect America from terrorist has recently tightened regulations for visitors coming from the following countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.   So, unless you are from these countries, there is actually no truth and no change in policies in […] Read more »

U.S. Travel visa application, business as usual

I have many clients asking me whether they should postpone the application because of President Trump's visa ban. In the United States embassies around the world, the business of applying for a tourist visa is as usual.Only when you are from the following countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria […] Read more »

Why Philippine President Dutere Got Denied of a US Visa

   We all have heard about Philippine President Duterte’s US Tourist Visa denial decades ago…  it must have been so traumatic!  Look at how treats America now! If President Duterte had the help of the US VISA COACH Master Package, he probably would not be mad and bitter at America […] Read more »