The Secret to Getting a US Tourist Visa Granted

In more than a decade of advising clients get a US Tourist Visa, I always get the question:  What is the secret to getting a US Tourist Visa granted?  The answer is simple.  The applicant MUST know everything that can happen.  In anticipating all the possibilities, the applicant will be relaxed and in control.

Remember, it is in uncertainty that a person can fail.  It is when a person is not deliberate that failure happens.  I remember Michael Jordan taking thousands of shots in practice to make shooting second nature to him.  Stephen Curry is doing the same.  They are all winners.

Do the same and be a winner.  Be familiar with the steps.  It is the secret to the success of those who buy the US VISA COACH Master Package.  They know the nitty gritty details of what is looked for by the consul and the possibilities and how to counteract them.  The result is an approved visa.  Know more here: