The US VISA COACH is a complete package that answers everything you need to know about applying for a US TOURIST VISA. If you have questions other than the questions here, kindly send an email to theusvisacoach@gmail.com.

Information about The US Visa Coach

1. Q: Who is The US Visa Coach?

A: The US VISA COACH is a concerned individual who runs a successful travel agency in Asia. His thriving travel agency has sent thousands of travelers all over the world in its more 10 years of operation. He and his staff have helped hundreds of people apply for and successfully acquire US, Australian, New Zealand, Canada, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Korean or European visas.

Getting a US tourist visa is particularly close to his heart, having encountered a denial more than 10 years ago. This challenged him and became the catalyst that made him go into the travel business. He spent years learning and analyzing how to successfully get a US TOURIST VISA approval. The US Visa Coach has since earned a reputation in the industry as the go-to agency for those who want to get a US VISA without the stress. US VISA COACH clients have a record 97% approval rate, one of the highest in the travel industry.

2. Q: Why should I buy a package from the US Visa Coach?

A: Our US VISA COACH MASTER PACKAGE will take the guesswork out of getting a US TOURIST VISA. It will arm you with the knowledge you need to ensure that:

a. You have all the necessary documents needed for the application

b. You will be familiar with the application process and all its steps

c. You know how to prepare and psyche yourself for the interview with the US consul

d. You know what questions will be asked by the consul, including those trick questions that might trip you up and cause you to have a denial

e. You learn from the mistakes of those who did not make it

f. You have the necessary tools to feel relax and confident on interview day, which can spell the BIG difference between getting approved or denied

3. Q: Do you offer one-on-one coaching?

A: We currently do not offer personal one-on-one coaching for our clients. The US VISA COACH MASTER PACKAGE has been designed to make you feel that you have your US VISA COACH beside you. The instructional manuals were written conversationally and meant for easy reading. In the audio file, you will hear the US VISA COACH give confidence-boosting affirmations.

Purchasing The US Visa Coach Package

1. Q: How do I buy a package?

A: Simply click on the “BUY NOW” button on the Home page or Purchase page. Check-out and you will be asked to pay through your Paypal or credit card. All major cards are accepted. After payment, you will be re-directed to our website so that you can download your US VISA COACH  MASTER PACKAGE.

2. Q: What are the modes of payment available?

A: We currently only accept Paypal or credit card payments. All major credit cards are accepted.

3. Q: Do you accept cash or checks?

A: Due to the nature of the package, which can be downloaded right after payment, we cannot accept cash or check payments. We currently only accept Paypal or credit card payments. All major credit cards are accepted.

4. Q: Once I have paid, how do I get my package?

A: You can easily download your purchase after payment. The package is contained in zip files which you can easily extract or unzip using your computer. Our ebooks and MP3s can be viewed and heard through a Windows or Apple computer Android and Ipad tablets.. If you have a problem with the download, kindly email theusvisacoach@gmail.com

5. Q: I read that your packages are updated monthly. I am applying for a visa next month but I do not have an appointment yet, when should I buy your package?

A: The US VISA COACH PACKAGE is designed to be used from the beginning of the application process. Just in case there is an update or changes in the procedure, you will be getting an email from us. You can buy the packages today and trust that you will get the latest updates or changes in the months ahead. 

Technical specifications

1. Q: What does the package include?

  • US VISA COACH Welcome and Overview Guide

  • US VISA COACH Easy Document Preparation Manual  

  • US VISA COACH Easy Payment and Appointment Setting Manual

  • US VISA COACH Easy DS-160 Form Manual

  • US VISA COACH  What to Expect on Interview Day Manual 

  • US VISA COACH Ultimate Guide to Acing The US Embassy Interview

  • US VISA COACH Secret List of Top 50 Interview Questions

  • US VISA COACH Secret List of Top Bluff Interview Questions

  • US VISA COACH Sample Interviews That Brought Denials

  • US VISA COACH What If I Get Denied Guide

  • US VISA COACH Expert Mentoring Audio MP3

  • BONUS!  TWO (2)  US VISA COACH Certified Relaxation & Confidence-Builder Audio MP3s that will make you impress the consul! Worth $350, yours for free if you avail of it today!  

2. Q: Will I be open the documents and audio in my computer?

A: The package contents are compatible with Windows and Mac computers and all on  Android and Apple Tablets. The guides and manuals are in PDF format which can be opened by a PDF reader like Adobe PDF reader. The audio files are in MP3 format.


1.Q: How will qualify for a rebate?

A: If you have availed of the US VISA COACH PACKAGE and have gotten an APPROVAL from the US EMBASSY, you do qualify for a $10 rebate from us.

2. Q: What should I submit in order to qualify for a rebate?

A: To get your rebate, kindly do the following:

a. Email us a short story or testimonial of how the US VISA COACH has helped you in getting a visa.

b. Give us the date when you bought the US VISA COACH package and the date of your US VISA APPROVAL.

c. Give us your country of origin and the pseudonym you want us to use for your testimonial.

d. Attach a picture of your visa in that email. Do not worry, we will not publish your name or picture in our website. We will keep your identity private.


1.Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Because of the nature of the package (ebooks and audio files), we do not accept returns. All sales are considered final.

2. Q: Do you accept refunds?

A: No, we do not accept refunds. We do offer rebates to clients who get approved from the US EMBASSY.

3. Q: I did not get an approval even if I have availed of your package, don’t I deserve a refund?

A: The US VISA COACH does not guarantee 100% approval. It is the discretion of the US Embassy whether a candidate gets approved or denied. What we do offer, though, is the knowledge and insight that will give an applicant a greater chance of approval. In fact, 97% of our clients have gotten approvals under The US VISA COACH tutelage.

The scope of The US Visa Coach

1. Q: I am not from the Philippines, does the package apply to me and my country as well?

No, but we have packages available for other nationalities who want to apply for a US Visa like China, Kenya, Costa Rica, India and Pakistan. 

2. What is the probability for a Filipino to get a U.S. Tourist Visa / Visitor Visa?

Filipinos’ chances to get a tourist visa for the US vary from one person to another. Filipinos need to prove during the application and interview process that they will not become a burden once they arrive in the United States, have good intentions, and will travel back to the Philippines. The consuls will approve the visas or not based on the applicant’s situation, documents presented and answers during the interview. There are even some circumstances that they will deny the application without the interview process.

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