Message from Ramon

Hi Coach,

I just want to inform you that i was approved on my Visa application last Monday. I am now waiting for my visa to be delivered. Im so thankful because with the US Visa Coach manual it was very easy for me to answer all questions since majority of the question asked were found in our manual. I will share my experience once i get my visa delivered so i could also get a rebate.
Again, thank you so much! Its very helpful. Please continue to help Filipinos who also dream to see US.

Our Thoughts

(P.S. His visa arrived a week later. 10 years! Well done Ramon!)

I am very proud to share this video from Mr. Ramon S. Thank you for sharing with me how the US VISA COACH Master Package helped you easily to apply for a US Tourist Visa.

You get a $20 rebate for your feedback. Congratulations again and well deserved!