Message from Ritchie I have no actual business, not much money, single, and eager to experience Las Vegas. Thank you for showing me how to go about everything on appointment day. I got a single entry visa and that is already enough for me to experience the US! I had a blast with family and friends touring me there. Thank you US VISA COACH! –Mr. Ritchie N., Single adventurer Read more »


Message from Janet Dear US Visa Coach, I am sending this email first and foremost to thank you for all the guidelines you have given me which had finally gotten me a US Visa (and a multiple entry one at that) even after I had been denied in 2014. Also, I am anticipating the “reward” (rebate) you will give me for having been such a “compliant student” of yours : ) I have attached a screenshot of my US Visa as proof to the above. -Maria Janet Acosta, 03 August 2016 Read more »


Hi Coach, I just want to inform you that i was approved on my Visa application last Monday. I am now waiting for my visa to be delivered. Im so thankful because with the US Visa Coach manual it was very easy for me to answer all questions since majority of the question asked were found in our manual. I will share my experience once i get my visa delivered so i could also get a rebate. Again, thank you so much! Its very helpful. Please continue to help Filipinos who also dream to see US. Read more »

Costa Rica

Hello I just wanted to express how thankful I am for your program. Today I received my visa and I was approved Multiple Entry for 10 years! ❤️ Your books helped me get prepared with all the documents and made me feel super confident at the interview. You should reach out to other countries because it does work. Here’s proof! Thanks again. -Tasha Read more »