Congratulations to the New US Embassy in Jerusalem!

The US officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on May 14 when a new US Embassy opened there. It will be housed temporarily in the former consulate building in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Arnona while officials look for a permanent location.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and several members of Congress attended the opening ceremony. President Trump did not attend in person but spoke to the group via video.

It’s a controversial move that breaks with decades of official US policy — and it comes at a particularly tumultuous time for Israel and the region.

Either way, congratulations and this fulfills a Biblical prophecy.

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更重要的是这些签证成功的申请人都获得了10 年多次入境签证,同时签证费没有白白浪
它由12 个指南和手册组成,能让申请人轻松方便的获得签证指导,精装本里丰富的信息
“面试时间不会超过2 分钟,我立刻遭到拒签!”
“我为什么再次遭到拒签? 我出示了存有大笔资金的银行资产对账单,但是仍然失败了?”
1. 整个申请程序步骤指南
2. 必要和不必要文件准备的详细清单
3. 最简洁快速的支付和预约面面谈方法
4. 面谈日的期待
5. 剖析获得签证通过的秘密
6. 如何避免面谈过程中的陷阱和诡计问题而导致拒签
… 等等. 所有这些关注的焦点都是为了一个目标—获得签证通过!

1. 美国签证指导 欢迎和概述
2. 美国签证指导 放松心情,建立自信MP3音频装置介绍
3. 美国签证指导 简易文件准备手册
4. 美国签证指导 快捷缴纳签证费&安排预约面谈手册
5. 美国签证指导 DS-160表格简单填写手册
6. 美国签证指导 面谈日期待值手册
7. 美国签证指导 获得美国大使馆面谈通过终极指导
8. 美国签证指导 最热50道面谈问题和解答秘密清单
9. 美国签证指导 谈诱惑性问题秘密清单
10.美国签证指导 面谈失败导致拒签实例
11.美国签证指导 如果被拒签了怎么办
12.美国签证指导 申请程序常见问题
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I want to answer a very very common question which I always get in my email and private messenger: How do I apply for a US Tourist Visa?

The process of applying a US Tourist Visa is quite simple:

  1. Have a valid passport

  2. Fill up a DS160 application form

  3. Pay the US Tourist Visa fee (normally done through a local bank)

  4. Set an appointment with your local US Embassy

  5. Prepare your supporting documents

  6. Show up for your scheduled interview


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