STOP—If you are not applying for a B1/B2 US TOURIST VISA, the information here is not applicable to you. This is not for those applying for a business visa, student visa or a fiancé visa. This is only for US TOURIST VISA APPLICANTS from the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, China,Thailand, and Costa Rica.  If you are a citizen of another country, please email the US VISA COACH HERE.


A US TOURIST VISA spells power. Not only does it give you the privilege of entering the most powerful nation in the world, it also automatically gives you access to other visa-requiring countries, since all applicants who get a US TOURIST VISA approval have already been screened by the US government. Countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan may expedite visa processing if one is a US TOURIST VISA holder.

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The US VISA COACH can help you breeze through the application process. No need for stress, no wasted time, no added loss of finances. . .More importantly, you do not have to experience the emotional distress of getting a denial.

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