Watch Mr. RBS Successfully Apply for a US tourist Visa Using the US VISA COACH Master Package

This just came in.

I am very proud to share a video from Mr. Ramon S. for sharing with me how the US VISA COACH Master Package helped him easily apply for a US Tourist Visa.

You get a $20 rebate for your feedback.  Congratulations again and well deserved!

**********The US VISA COACH

13 February 2017

Congratulations to Mr. Ramon S.

Hi Coach,

I just want to inform you that i was approved on my Visa application last Monday. I am now waiting for my visa to be delivered. Im so thankful because with the US Visa Coach manual it was very easy for me to answer all questions since majority of the question asked were found in our manual. I will share my experience once i get my visa delivered so i could also get a rebate.
Again, thank you so much! Its very helpful. Please continue to help Filipinos who also dream to see US.
(P.S.  His visa arrived a week later.  10 years! Well done Ramon!)

-Mr. Ramon S.


Congratulations to Ms. L. Nolasco

Circumstance:  3 prior denials.  Single mom.  After purchasing the US VISA Master Package, she gets the approval!

Nagfocus lang ako sa mga tinuro sa akin sa package. Sinagutan ko lahat ng tanong ng consul.   Salamat  US VISA COACH Master Package.  Naapprove din ako finally!

-Ms. L. Nolasco, nurse.


Congratulations to Mr. LM Chua

Circumstance:  1 prior denial last year.  Entire family in the US. Single

The key points in the guide made the big difference in me getting and not getting the visa!  I would have been denied again without the help of the US VISA COACH Master Package.  The bluff guide thought me to counter the tricky questions during the interview.   I would definitely recommend this to anybody who needs a US Tourist Visa!  THANK YOU!

-Mr. LM Chua, TV Director  24 October 2016


Congratulations to Ms. Chesca Ramirez

Circumstance:  3 prior denials.

The US VISA COACH Master Package helped me with the preparation process and with what to do with the various forms and interview.

-Ms. Chesca Ramirez, 25 August 2016


Praise God!  Approved!

The US VISA COACH Master Package gave me the confidence during the interview.    Binasa ko lahat ng dapat gawin sa Master Package kaya I knew what to do.

-Dr. Edwina Casaje, 24 August 2016


They Granted Me the Visa!

Your program made me relaxed and confident.  They did not even ask for any single document.  They just granted me the visa!

-Daniel Liwanag, 18 August 2016


God is Good!

Thank you so much for coaching!  My visa is approved.  The visa is valid from Sep. to Nov.  But that is okay.  God is good!

-Gizelle Pangilinan, 12 August 2016



Dear US Visa Coach,

 I am sending this email first and foremost to thank you for all the guidelines you have given me which had finally gotten me a US Visa (and a multiple entry one at that) even after I had been denied in 2014.

Also, I am anticipating the “reward” (rebate) you will give me for having been such a “compliant student” of yours : )

I have attached a screenshot of my US Visa as proof to the above.

 Maria Janet Acosta

-Maria Janet Acosta, 03 August 2016



The US VISA COACH Master Package was excellent!  My kids had an easy time getting the approval for a 10-year multiple entries US Tourist Visa!

_Myla Reyes, July 2016


Congratulations to Ms. N. of Cagayan de Oro!  US 10 Years Multiple Entry Visa!

Congratulations to Ms. N. and her daughter of Cagayan de Oro City for excellently getting a 10 Year Multiple Entry US Tourist Visa.  They say it could not be done after having been denied a few months ago.

Ninez Jadman Edited

The US VISA COACH Master Package helped me believe in myself and be prepared all throughout the preparation and interview.  It gave me the confidence to get the approval.

-Mrs. N. J., 5 June 2016


The US VISA COACH Master Package Really Helped My Application!

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang gagawin.  Marami akong nakilala na nadeny.  Mabuti na lang at nirecommend ako ng anak ko sa US VISA COACH.  Kulang ako sa mga requirements pero nang pinag-aralan ko ang package, naging madali lahat.  10 Years Multiple pa ang visa ko!  Thank you US VISA COACH!

Mrs Fuentes

-Rebecca Cruz, 29 April 2016


Success at Last for Mimi!

Last year I was denied the visa.  I went through an agency for assistance in processing the application and all that, but I wasn’t paying my mind to it. I was thinking, what could go wrong? They set-up everything for me. They should be fine.  So come interview day, I was at a lost. I wasn’t ready and was a stuttering mess.  I got denied on my first run.

I needed to try and leave again so when I applied again this year I had to make everything different and so I purchased the US VISA COACH Master Package.  The MP3 Audio Files were a lot of help in building that confidence in me while making me remain in a calm state.  Its scenarios on how to answer possible questions were a big help in boosting my confidence. I knew the right things to say and I am recommending it to my friends and to all of you! 😉

_Mimi Acupan, HR Staff


Congratulations to Ms Rose Mendoza for getting a US Tourist Visa approval today!  What a great start for 2016 for her!  Her application went smoothly and everything was flawless.

This is what she had to say:

The US VISA COACH MASTER PACKAGE made securing the appointment seamless!  I was able to secure the right appointment immediately.  The package was very helpful and it gave me the confidence to get the approval.

No wasted time and effort for her and most especially the expensive application fee!  Congratulations again and I delight in your success!  The US VISA COACH

Her profile: single, under 30

 I intended to fly to the US 2nd week of January 2016. However, because of my busy schedule in the closing months of 2015, I forgot to start my US Visa Tourist Application process earlier. To my dismay, I found out that the the next earliest interview date available would be on February 2016. I consulted the US VISA COACH Master Package and found that by following the steps instructed, I still had the possibility of getting an earlier interview date. Guess what! From my original interview date of February 2016, my new interview date was on December 2015. I will be making my trip to the US in January 2016 after all! Thank you US Visa Coach!

-Rose, missionary 


Thank you US VISA COACH, the application was easy and we were all approved for a 10-year valid multiple entry visa! I did not have to risk the four (4) application fees and plane fares! The package was worth it!

-Renn Q. & His Family of 4


We were shocked! All we were hoping for was a single entry visa! Instead, we were given a 10-year multiple entry visa! My husband and I are retired with only 5 digit savings! Thank you US VISA COACH for a dream come true to visit our daughter in the US!

Mrs. Rebollos, Retired School Admin.


Thank you for showing me the strategy on appointment day. My daughter – a nursing student – and I would have been denied if not for the application strategies that you taught us in the package!

Mrs Chan


We had always wanted to visit our grandchild in the US. However, the stories that we hear of many denials from others made us hesitate. We have also heard that not all of the family members in the application are given visa approvals. The fees, especially if applying as a family discouraged us also from pursuing it. US VISA COACH gave us the encouragement and confidence to finally pursue the dream! Yes, all four (4) of us in the family got the 10 yr visas!

Mr. Roberto A., Seaman


 I have no actual business, not much money, single, and eager to experience Las Vegas. Thank you for showing me how to go about everything on appointment day. I got a single entry visa and that is already enough for me to experience the US! I had a blast with family and friends touring me there. Thank you US VISA COACH!

Mr. Ritchie N., Single adventurer


Using the US Visa Coach Package to help me in applying for my daughter’s US Tourist Visa was so easy! I did not even have to go to the very confusing US Embassy website. It took me only a total of 10 minutes to set my daughter’s US Embassy appointment! Thank you for making everything easy US Visa Coach!

Mr. Lee, Dad

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