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STOP—If you are not applying for a B1/B2 US TOURIST VISA, the information here is not applicable to you. This is not for those applying for a business visa, student visa or a fiancé visa. This is only for US TOURIST VISA APPLICANTS from the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, China,Thailand, Kenya, and Costa Rica.  If you are a citizen of another country, please email the US VISA COACH HERE.


A US TOURIST VISA spells power. Not only does it give you the privilege of entering the most powerful nation in the world, it also automatically gives you access to other visa-requiring countries, since all applicants who get a US TOURIST VISA approval have already been screened by the US government. Countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan may expedite visa processing if one is a US TOURIST VISA holder.

Contrary to urban legends, it is actually very easy to acquire a US TOURIST VISA. That is if you know the SECRET to getting an approval. The problem is people lack the proper knowledge to get ahead. This is where THE US VISA COACH comes in. In the past 10 years, we have had a 97% rate of client approval no matter what their socio-economic status is.

The US VISA COACH can help you breeze through the application process. No need for stress, no wasted time, no added loss of finances. . .More importantly, you do not have to experience the emotional distress of getting a denial.

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What is the US VISA COACH Master Package?

The US VISA COACH Master Package is the ONLY COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE and AUDIO COACHING in the world right now that CAN HELP YOU SUCCESSFULLY apply for a US Tourist Visa!  It is so simple that you don’t even have to drop by your local US Embassy website!  No kidding!

Everything you need to successfully apply for a US Tourist Visa is here.  We simplify everything and focus on where it matters most:  your US Visa approval.  No wonder we have such a high passing rate!

The package is INSTANTLY AVAILABLE upon purchase to teach you immediately how you can apply and get an approval.

More details about the US VISA COACH Master Package HERE.

READ MY STORY HERE and know why I had to show others how.


You might be here because you have no clear idea on how the US Tourist Visa application is done.  This might be your first attempt or possible your third try for a US Tourist Visa.

Let me tell you one thing…


Eleven years ago,I  also got DENIED of a US TOURIST VISA, even if  I had the money, education and social status. So I know how a denial feels.


Who has not heard of the following US TOURIST VISA APPLICANTS who received a denial?

  • The prominent mayor who got denied

  • The rich businessman with his bejeweled wife getting thrown out of the embassy for shouting at the consul after being rejected

  • The Fortune 500 salesman who was told twice that it was not his lucky day

  • The pastor who was backed by his church who still got denied not once, not twice, but three times

  • The very well dressed lawyer who was outrightly denied

  • The rich owner of a very popular cellular phone company

And yet, I had these clients–

  • The struggling hog raiser owner who only had $200 in his bank account and had no documents to present

  • The bachelor who wanted to splurge in Las Vegas but had little to show for it

  • The retired hearing-impaired school administrator who didn’t have much in savings

All of them got an APPROVAL, even if they didn’t seem qualified. What made the difference?

They all had the help of THE US VISA COACH. . .

Alas, the not-so wise learns through failure and pays for it dearly! But the wise sees trouble from afar, humbles himself and asks for help.


That shameful experience 11 years ago became a motivation for me to set up a business—a successful travel agency, sending travelers all over the world—to Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. And yes, that involved helping people get a US TOURIST VISA.

I was a man with a mission. I could not and would not let my clients go through the same ordeal that I went through. So for the past 10 years, I have personally analyzed, interviewed, coached and reviewed US TOURIST VISA APPLICANTS and have discovered the secret to making approvals almost certain. My clients in most cases get 10-year multiple entry visas. Our approval record is an astonishing 97%. And that success in getting a US TOURIST VISA actually rests in ONE AREA only.

If I knew everything that I know now about getting a US TOURIST VISA, my application the first time around would have definitely been an approval. It took five years before I finally got a US TOURIST VISA. I had to learn it the hard way, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO. I had to suffer but you do not have to suffer.

There is a smarter way to do it. And that is to let somebody coach you.

You do not have to wait  five years or even 11 years and waste thousands of money in US embassy fees. Let The US VISA COACH show you how.


You might have heard it by now that if luck is not on your side, you might get a moody or terrorizing consul who rejects at will. This is partly true. For some, getting a US TOURIST VISA is like passing through the eye of a needle.  An applicant once shared that on his first appointment, he was asked what his job was. He then proudly gave the name of a Fortune 500 company that he worked for, only to be told, “I am sorry, it is not your lucky day.” Two years later, he applied again with his wife. To his horror and dismay, a different consul gave the same verdict, “Sorry, it is not your lucky day.” No wonder you see approved applicants proudly posting their US TOURIST VISAS in Facebook and thanking high heavens for the approval!

What people do not know is that the US Embassy is looking for specific qualifications that will convince them of issuing an approval. Contrary to hearsay, an individual’s millions in bank accounts will not guarantee an approval. It is also common knowledge that people in the age range of 20’s to early 30’s easily get denials. Is this true? Definitely not! We have clients who barely have enough cash for a plane ticket qualify for a visa, and get 10-multiple entry at that! What is the secret? The US VISA COACH will show you all these and more when you avail of our package.

 6 FlyingMoneyby Fantasista

by Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net


If I, a very capable person, who had diligently gathered all the necessary documents, presented more than enough proof of funds, owned a business, communicated in good English, got denied, who then can qualify for a US TOURIST VISA? Is it really that hard?

I felt like I lost my dignity that morning. I felt stupid also, because I paid so much money to have somebody insult and reject me. But my loss goes beyond the expensive visa fee that I paid. I realized the real costs of a US TOURIST VISA denial are:

  • Drained emotions

  • Wasted money for plane fare and accommodations for those residing in a different city

  • Wasted time and effort in repeating the process of application. It takes AT LEAST ONE (1) YEAR before one can re-apply for another US TOURIST VISA appointment

  • Loss of opportunity to travel right away

  • Loss of visa exemptions from other countries (A US TOURIST VISA actually qualifies you to get visas for other countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Australia and Canada)

  • The denial mark and record in the US Embassy which make it tougher to get an approval in future applications


by Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

A denial from the US Embassy whether one admits it or not is painful. I have yet to meet an applicant who was happy about it or who was not bothered about the denial. In fact, some linger or brood about their rejection for up to a week! I have become a counselor to some to help them understand about their denials. Most come to me only after being rejected. Nobody wants to experience rejection. What hurts is that you paid for that denial. And that denial is very costly! It is at this point that I could help them the least. The damage has been done; they have a denial record and so subsequent applications are harder. The saddest thing about this situation was that they had the opportunity for help but refused for some reason. They are now paying the consequences of it.

Get the US VISA COACH Master Package HERE


I thought I could easily pass the US TOURIST VISA APPLICATION on my own.  I am a director of a well-known TV network.  I had the money and I had other social responsibilities in my community.  Come appointment day, I was only asked where my family was and how much I was making.  After briefly answering both questions, that consul stated that I could not be given an approval at this time.  They did not even bother looking at the documents that I had prepared.  I felt so insulted that I was not even given the chance to defend myself!  Next time I would be sure to avail of the US VISA COACH MASTER PACKAGE so that I could defend myself and get the approval.  Because of the initial denial, I would have to apply again, pay another set of fees, and would have to with extra effort now convince the interviewing consul why I should be granted a visa.

M. L. Chua, TV Director



 The average financial loss of a regular applicant flying in from a nearby city or province for a US TOURIST VISA is about $400. If the applicant has a family of five (5) and all are flying in from the countryside, the cost can be as much as $2000! These include the embassy fees, courier fees, plane and transport fares, hotel or lodging, food, and other traveling expenses.

 What a waste of money if a denial is the result of all the efforts for the application!

Yes, money can be recovered but there is a greater consequence for a denial.

The record of denial in the US Embassy may make it harder for you to apply again. If you apply again, you have to convince them now why a different outcome should be given to you. Other countries which require visas for entry will also have their guards up in issuing you a visa, bearing in mind that the most powerful visa issuing country, the United States Embassy, had already denied you. Also, applying again immediately after a denial is not an option. There is usually a time frame of at least six (6) months to one (1) year before you can apply again. And that is not a guarantee of an approval because your circumstances might not have changed in such a short span of time. So many have heard these statements from the consuls, “I am sorry, it is still not your lucky day,” or “I am sorry, I still can not issue you a visa at this time. Come back when your circumstances have changed.”

Let US VISA COACH help you avoid these outcomes!

 8 WomanSmiling

by Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net



 Thank you US VISA COACH, the application was easy and we were all approved for  10-year valid multiple entry visas! I did not have to risk the four (4) application fees and plane fares! The package was worth it!

 Mr Renn Q. & His Family of 4

 We were shocked! All we were hoping for were single entry visas! Instead, we were given 10-year multiple entry visas! My husband and I are retired with only 5 digit savings! Thank you US VISA COACH for a dream come true to visit our daughter in the US!

 Mrs Rebollos, Retired School Admin.

 Thank you for showing me the strategy on appointment day. My daughter – a nursing student – and I would have been denied if not for the application strategies that you taught us in the package!

Mrs Chan

 We had always wanted to visit our grandchild in the US. However, the stories that we hear of many denials from others made us hesitate. We have also heard that not all of the family members in the application were given visa approvals. The fees, especially if applying as a family discouraged us also from pursuing it. US VISA COACH gave us the encouragement and confidence to finally pursue the dream! Yes, all four (4) of us in the family got the 10-year visas!

 Mr Roberto A., Seaman

 I have no actual business, not much money, single, and eager to experience Las Vegas. Thank you for showing me how to go about everything on appointment day. I got a single entry visa and that is already enough for me to experience the US! I had a blast with family and friends touring me there. Thank you US VISA COACH!

 Mr Ritchie N., Single adventurer


DOWNLOAD NOW and get an overview eBook on “HOW TO APPLY FOR A US VISA”!

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THE US VISA COACH will show you:

  • How to expedite your appointment with the US Embassy

  • How to shorten your preparation time by 75%

    (Yes, all those hidden links do confuse most applicants. I am making it easy for you.)

  • What the two most common questions are and how to answer them properly

  • The best day and time for an appointment with better chances of approval

  • Why the absence of one document can automatically result to a denial

  • How the interviewing consuls think and how you can change that to your favor

  • Why dressing in a certain way can be disadvantageous to you

  • How to arrange your documents on appointment day

  • Why answering the questions fully can still grant you a denial

  • Why money is not the only answer to an approval

  • Why people with petitions always get a denial and how to avoid it

  • How young and single applicants can easily get an approval

  • Why it is better to apply as a family

  • Why frank and arrogant people normally get the approval

…and so much more.

The US VISA COACH package is designed to be with you as you go through the whole preparation, appointment setting, to the US Embassy interview day. The US VISA COACH makes the whole application process very easy and stress free!

Using the US Visa Coach Package to help me in applying for my daughter’s US Tourist Visa was so easy! I did not even have to go to the very confusing US Embassy website. It took me only a total of 10 minutes to set my daughter’s US Embassy appointment! Thank you for making everything easy US Visa Coach!

 Mr Lee, Dad


DOWNLOAD NOW and get an overview eBook on “HOW TO APPLY FOR A US VISA”!


DOWNLOAD NOW and get an overview eBook on “HOW TO APPLY FOR A US VISA”!

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Let me tell you how I finally got my US TOURIST VISA. . .

I am a huge fan of mix martial arts, the Ultimate Fighting Champion or commonly known as the UFC. There was a raffle prize to watch the fight live in Las Vegas, and I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the winners. My only problem was that I did not have a US TOURIST VISA. So I had to apply… again.

I knew better already. And so on appointment day, I showed up without anybody in sight in the waiting area. There were no usual crowd of applicants. There was just one person in line with me (Another secret to getting approvals.) Some quick questions from the consul and armed only with my passport and a newspaper clipping, I was immediately approved for a 10 year valid visa.



So what are the benefits of having The US VISA COACH MASTER PACKAGE? The US VISA COACH simplifies everything for you and lets you focus on that one area in the application where it really matters most.


You will get:

  • A step-by-step guide of the whole application process

  • A detailed list of what documents to prepare and what not to prepare

  • The most convenient way to pay and set an appointment

  • A process and layout of what to expect on appointment day in the embassy

 Master Package Picture

MORE THAN THAT, you will get EXPERT COACHING TIPS in getting a 10-year multiple entry US TOURIST VISA, no matter what your status is.

I will reveal to you–

  • The secret of profiling so that you can psyche and prepare yourself for an APPROVAL

  • The secret of catching and not falling into the subtle tricks of the interviewing consuls that can earn an applicant an outright denial. Yes, sometimes consuls trick applicants to force you to err in your answers and that can be a basis for the denial.

  • The secret that will remove all stress & fear in facing the interviewing consul

  • The common questions asked during the appointment day

  • The best answers that will get you an APPROVAL

Imagine the edge that you will have and the unnecessary denial and stress that you can avoid.

More importantly, imagine the above benefits: immediately travel to the US, visit friends and loved ones once you get the approval. Taiwan in a flash? Yes you can! Taiwan exempts you from all requirements and their laborious visa process if you have a US TOURIST VISA.


by Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

All of these advantages can be yours when you avail of the US VISA COACH Master Package. Normally priced at $198, it is now available for only $79. That is a 60% discount from the normal package price. What’s more, if you get an approval and share with us your visa success story, you get an additional savings of $10 in the form of a rebate. That is an Amazing 65% Discount offer. Order your US VISA COACH Master Package today and increase your chances of an approval!

Get the US VISA COACH Master Package HERE

IMPORTANT: Always get the updated edition from www.usvisacoach.com The US Embassy ALWAYS changes steps and policies which if not properly adhered to during the application may result in a denial.


Majority of those getting denied lack the necessary knowledge of what really transpires in the embassy and in the mind of the consul. After all, the US TOURIST VISA processing is a business for the embassy, and they definitely would not mind people paying and applying all over again.


The goal of US VISA COACH is to get you that approval. After all that is the reason why you are applying in the first place. For almost the same amount, travel agencies only help you accomplish the necessary forms for the application. They don’t teach you WHY forms should be filled a certain way and what to EXPECT on appointment day. The US VISA COACH Master Package teaches you how and why forms SHOULD be filled a certain way and how to ready yourself for that ONE area to get that APPROVAL on appointment day.


Avail of up to 60% discount** when you buy the US VISA COACH package now! Normally valued at $198.00, it is now yours for only $79.00! Enjoy an extended discount of $10 when you send us your US VISA COACH Approved Visa Story.

Your US VISA COACH MASTER PACKAGE includes the following:

  • US VISA COACH Welcome and Overview Guide

  • US VISA COACH Easy Document Preparation Manual

  • US VISA COACH Easy Payment and Appointment Setting Manual

  • US VISA COACH Easy DS-160 Form Manual

  • US VISA COACH  What to Expect on Appointment Day Manual

  • US VISA COACH Ultimate Guide to Acing the US Embassy Interview

  • US VISA COACH Secret List of Top 50 Interview Questions

  • US VISA COACH Secret List of Top Bluff Interview Questions

  • US VISA COACH Sample Interviews That Brought Denials

  • US VISA COACH What If I Get Denied Guide

  • BONUSES! TWO US VISA COACH Certified Relaxation & Confidence-Builder Audio MP3 that will make you impress the consul! Created by  US & British Personal Development & Behavioral Science Experts. Worth $350, they are yours for free if you avail of it today!

These took me years to compile and write, culling  from over 10 years of experience in dealing with US Tourist Visa applicants. 

Note: There is a $10 testimonial refund for approved visa applicants who share their stories with us.


DOWNLOAD NOW and get an overview eBook on “HOW TO APPLY FOR A US VISA”!

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