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*12 Step-by-Step Guides of the whole US Tourist Visa application process

*A detailed list of what documents to prepare and what NOT to prepare

*The most convenient way to pay and set an appointment

*A process and layout of what to expect on appointment day in the embassy

MORE THAN THAT, you will get EXPERT COACHING TIPS in getting a 10-year US TOURIST VISA, no matter what your status is.


  • The secret of profiling so that you can psyche and prepare yourself for an APPROVAL
  • The secret of catching and not falling into the subtle tricks of the interviewing consuls that can earn an applicant an outright denial. Yes, sometimes consuls trick applicants to force you to err in your answers and that can be a basis for the denial.
  • The secret that will remove all stress & fear in facing the interviewing consul
  • The common questions asked during the appointment day
  • The best answers that will get you an APPROVAL

THE US VISA COACH will show you:

  • How to expedite your appointment with the US Embassy
  • How to shorten your preparation time by 75%(Yes, all those assuming and hidden links do confuse most applicants. I am making it easy for you)
  • What the two most common questions are and how to answer them properly
  • The best day and time for an appointment with better chances of approval
  • Why the absence of one document can automatically result to a denial
  • How the interviewing consuls think and how you can change that to your favor
  • Why dressing in a certain way can be disadvantageous to you
  • How to arrange your documents on appointment day
  • Why answering the questions fully can still grant you a denial
  • Why money is not the only answer to an approval
  • Why people with petitions always get a denial and how to avoid it
  • How young and single applicants can easily get an approval
  • Why it is better to apply as a family
  • Why frank and arrogant people normally get the approval


Your US VISA COACH  MASTER PACKAGE includes the following:

  • US VISA COACH Welcome and Overview Guide
  • US VISA COACH Easy Document Preparation Guide
  • US VISA COACH Easy Payment and Appointment Setting Guide
  • US VISA COACH Easy DS-160 Form Guide
  • US VISA COACH Guide to What to Expect on Appointment Day Guide
  • US VISA COACH Easy Mastering That ONE AREA Approval Guide
  • US VISA COACH Secret List of Top 50 Interview Questions
  • US VISA COACH Secret List of Bluff Interview Questions
  • US VISA COACH Sample Denial Interviews
  • US VISA COACH What If I Get Denied Guide
  • US VISA COACH Expert Mentoring Audio MP3
  • BONUS! US VISA COACH Certified Relaxation & Confidence-Builder Audio MP3 that will make you impress the consul! Worth $350, it is yours for free if you avail of it today!

Let the US VISA COACH Master Package help you GET THAT US TOURIST VISA.  Remember, a denial makes it harder to apply the next time around!  Do it right the first time with the US VISA COACH Master Package.

Note: A $10 testimonial refund for approved visa applicants is given for those who share their stories with us.

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