• A Family Vacation to the United States, Finally! (1/5/2016)

    We had always wanted to visit our grandchild in the US. However, the stories that we hear of many denials from others made us hesitate. We have also heard that not all of the family members in the application are given visa approvals. The fees, especially if applying as a family discouraged us also from pursuing it. US VISA COACH gave us the encouragement and confidence to finally pursue the dream! Yes, all four (4) of us in the family got the 10 yr visas!

    Mr. Roberto A., Seaman


  • Las Vegas, Here I Come! Congratulations to Mr. Ng! (12/28/2015)

    I have no actual business, not much money, single, and eager to experience Las Vegas. Thank you for showing me how to go about everything on appointment day. I got a single entry visa and that is already enough for me to experience the US! I had a blast with family and friends touring me there. Thank you US VISA COACH!

    Mr. Ritchie N., Single adventurer


  • Congratulations to Your Daughter’s US Tourist Visa Mr. Lee! (12/26/2015)

    Using the US Visa Coach Package to help me in applying for my daughter’s US Tourist Visa was so easy! I did not even have to go to the very confusing US Embassy website. It took me only a total of 10 minutes to set my daughter’s US Embassy appointment! Thank you for making everything easy US Visa Coach!

    –Mr. Lee, Dad