I Would Have Been Denied Again Without the Help of the US VISA COACH Master Package

Circumstance:  1 prior denial last year.  Entire family in the US. Single

The key points in the guide made the big difference in me getting and not getting the visa!  I would have been denied again without the help of the US VISA COACH Master Package.  The bluff guide thought me to counter the tricky questions during the interview.   I would definitely recommend this to anybody who needs a US Tourist Visa!  THANK YOU!

-Mr. LM Chua, TV Director  24 October 2016


The Impossible Became Possible Using the US VISA COACH Master Package!

Dear US Visa Coach,

 I am sending this email first and foremost to thank you for all the guidelines you have given me which had finally gotten me a US Visa (and a multiple entry one at that) even after I had been denied in 2014.

Also, I am anticipating the “reward” (rebate) you will give me for having been such a “compliant student” of yours : )

I have attached a screenshot of my US Visa as proof to the above.

-Maria Janet Acosta, 03 August 2016


I was Denied a Few Months Ago, But Applying for a US Tourist Visa with the Master Package Gave Me a 10 Year Multiple Entry Visa – Ms. Ninez J. of Cagayan de Oro!


Congratulations to Ms. N. and her daughter of Cagayan de Oro City for excellently getting a 10 Year Multiple Entry US Tourist Visa.  They say it could not be done after having been denied a few months ago.

The US VISA COACH Master Package helped me believe in myself and be prepared all throughout the preparation and interview.  It gave me the confidence to get the approval.

-Mrs. N. J., 5 June 2016

I Was Nervous & Didn’t Know What to Do, Until I Got the US Visa Coach Master Package!

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang gagawin.  Marami akong nakilala na nadeny.  Mabuti na lang at nirecommend ako ng anak ko sa US VISA COACH.  Kulang ako sa mga requirements pero nang pinag-aralan ko ang package, naging madali lahat.  10 Years Multiple pa ang visa ko!  Thank you US VISA COACH!

(I did not know what to do and I knew a lot of friends who were denied.  It’s good that my daughter recommended me to the US Visa Coach.  I did not have all the requirements but I studied the US VISA COACH Master Package well.  Everything started becoming easy.  I got a 10 year multiple entry US Tourist Visa!  Thank you US VISA COACH.

-Rebecca Cruz, 29 April 2016