Congratulations to Ms. Vicky B.




I received a very good message this afternoon from Ms. Vicky B.  This is exactly how the US VISA COACH Master Package should be used.  You go through it, ponder, and imagine.  Honestly, when she first availed of the package and gave me her profile, hers was quite a hard case.  She did everything right, honestly, and flawlessly, and she deserves the result of her visa application: an APPROVAL!


US Tourist Visa Approval from Costa Rica!

It is a blessing to hear from grateful clients from all over the world.  Tasha has been messaging me from last year and she took courage and faith to trust in the principles of what the US VISA COACH Master Package has to offer in securing a US Tourist Visa.


I like this girl’s mindset.  quick to decide when she see’s an opportunity.  This is what she shared in her email today:




I just wanted to express how thankful I am for your program. Today I received my visa and I was approved Multiple Entry for 10 years! ❤
Your books helped me get prepared with all the documents and made me feel super confident at the interview. You should reach out to other countries because it does work. Here’s proof!
Thanks again.


Tasha, you deserve it!  Well done!  You get your $10 rebate.  Please check your account!




US Tourist Visas Approved for Mrs. Eleanor Guinto and Family!

Visa application approved. Red stamp and imprint “APPROVED”

Mrs. Eleanor Guinto sent me a message this morning, ecstatically sharing the good news!

“Thank you for your assistance, you are a blessing!  The US VISA COACH Master Package helped us to be confident by providing us the possible questions, do’s and don’ts in going about the DS160 preparation, we are lucky to have the package!  God bless you!



A 10 Year Multiple Entry US Tourist Visa for Mr. Ramon Sanz

Hi Coach,

I just want to inform you that i was approved on my Visa application last Monday. I am now waiting for my visa to be delivered. Im so thankful because with the US Visa Coach manual it was very easy for me to answer all questions since majority of the question asked were found in our manual. I will share my experience once i get my visa delivered so i could also get a rebate.
Again, thank you so much! Its very helpful. Please continue to help Filipinos who also dream to see US.
(P.S.  His visa arrived a week later.  10 years! Well done Ramon!)