US Tourist Visa Approval from Costa Rica!

It is a blessing to hear from grateful clients from all over the world.  Tasha has been messaging me from last year and she took courage and faith to trust in the principles of what the US VISA COACH Master Package has to offer in securing a US Tourist Visa.


I like this girl’s mindset.  quick to decide when she see’s an opportunity.  This is what she shared in her email today:




I just wanted to express how thankful I am for your program. Today I received my visa and I was approved Multiple Entry for 10 years! ❤
Your books helped me get prepared with all the documents and made me feel super confident at the interview. You should reach out to other countries because it does work. Here’s proof!
Thanks again.


Tasha, you deserve it!  Well done!  You get your $10 rebate.  Please check your account!




How to Go Aggressive in Getting a US Tourist Visa Granted!

In Business As in Life, You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate  Dr. Chester Karass

I have been bragging lately that so far in 2017, I do not have any clients receiving denials.  All have received US Tourist Visa grants with 10 year multiple entry validity.  Well, my first denial for 2017 has come.  That is the reason I only guarantee a 97% rate of approval in my website.  It sucks however not hitting a 100% rating each year.

I always get bothered by that one denial and so I normally contact the client and discussed in detail what had happened.  My guarantee of an approval is always there and the consultation will continue — unlimited — until an approval will have been reached.

And so I would asked details of the DS160, a transcript of the interview, and the atmosphere of the application.  I would also check if the applicant has been faithfully listening to the audio files which is included in the US VISA COACH Master Package.  More often than not, I would see the gap where the US Tourist Visa would have already been granted but was withheld for the simple reason that the applicant failed to initiate the aggressive mode that I have been talking about in the latter part of the package.

There is a way of doing it right with the proper basis.  Doing so will nudge the consul a bit, small enough to swing his decision to your favor.  Small but life changing most especially when it grants you access for 10 years to the US!


So folks, you have my guarantee of approval.  Just follow my module and the rest would be easy.


What you get in life is after all based on what you negotiate.








Be Smart When Applying for a US Tourist Visa!


Now and then, I have doubtful and slow to decide applicants who refuse help and are undecided if investing in the US VISA COACH Master Package is a good idea.  Only for them to come to me relating their stories that they have just been denied.  I do not lambast them but help them when they asked.  My frustration comes in when I know they had better chances when they did it right on their first try with my help.  The task is harder when a record of denial is already present.


Folks, be smart and take the opportunity to seek help.  The US VISA COACH Master Package is a proven, tested guide, and method in securing a US Tourist Visa.  Invest.  After all, when you get the visa, it is good for 10 years.  It opens up many opportunities in your life.


Maybe that is why America stands out, people are screened well, the weak, doubtful, and pessimist are immediately denied prior to entry.


Be smart.  Get the US VISA COACH Master Package.



The Secret to Getting a US Tourist Visa Granted

In more than a decade of advising clients get a US Tourist Visa, I always get the question:  What is the secret to getting a US Tourist Visa granted?  The answer is simple.  The applicant MUST know everything that can happen.  In anticipating all the possibilities, the applicant will be relaxed and in control.

Remember, it is in uncertainty that a person can fail.  It is when a person is not deliberate that failure happens.  I remember Michael Jordan taking thousands of shots in practice to make shooting second nature to him.  Stephen Curry is doing the same.  They are all winners.

Do the same and be a winner.  Be familiar with the steps.  It is the secret to the success of those who buy the US VISA COACH Master Package.  They know the nitty gritty details of what is looked for by the consul and the possibilities and how to counteract them.  The result is an approved visa.  Know more here: